Lens Rental From Lens Fettish

We all know that photography is not cheap once you get past the "pro-sumer" level of products so before you spend your hard earned money on your next lens or body wouldn’t it be great to try it out first? I mean you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive would you?

Luckily there is a solution in the form of lens rental companies, who for a fraction of the cost of the lens will allow you to use it as your own for how ever long you feel you need to asses its performance/value before parting with your money, superb! however not all lens rental companies are created equal..

Today I am taking a look a Devon based lens hire company Lens Fettish I have used several rental companies over the years but I have to say I will keep using Lens Fettish where possible. The number one reason being that they never seem to sleep! I can contact them any time of day usually via twitter (if you like a bit of banter give them a follow @LensFettish) and I will have a response within an hour most days which is vital when you've been contacted by a client who wants a shoot on a very tight deadline and you need to scramble to organise equipment.

Lens Fettish

Price is another big factor, many hire companies require you to place a deposit on the item you are hiring which is understandable but if I had enough money for the deposit I'd have probably purchased the lens any way unless it really is a very specialist item such as a tilt & shift lens. Lens Fettish are happy to offer a level of flexibility that no other company has yet been able to match, for example if I need a very expensive lens for a single days shooting e.g. the Canon EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM Lens which at the best of times is going to be over £80 per day the last thing I need is to find there is a 3 day minimum hire suddenly making that hire £240 plus postage! thats a hefty chunk out of any profit I was set to make. Lens Fettish have in my experience always gone the extra mile to bend the rules where possible (assuming the lens required is not already booked by someone else) to ensure you get exactly what you need when you need it. To top it off they include sweets with every rental and a voucher for a discount on your birthday!

So if you are are working professional in need of some extra/backup gear for that big shoot or a keen amateur looking to explore the vast array of lenses out there before spending your money give Lens Fettish a try.

Disclaimer: renting is a painful process, having to return a lens you have loved is a sad moment.